Why Temp Staffing Makes Sense For Employers

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Temp staffing is one of the emerging trends in human resources today. A lot of companies are looking to including this on their recruitment scheme to address employee shortage.

Apart from addressing the staffing issues, going for temp staffing has additional benefits. Here are some of them:

  • Cost-effective for employers


If your company is offering project-based tasks to employees, hiring applicants for regular post might not be the best idea. For one, it will be an additional overhead cost for you since you will be employing for a good amount of time. You will have to take into account his salary even after the completion of project and the cost of utilities that he will incur during the stay.


Temp staffing can solve this problem as you are not required to absorb temp staff once the project is complete and you don’t need to worry about the overhead cost as you will pay the staff on a per project-basis.


  • Streamline recruitment process


Hiring for permanent employees can take time. For one, the sourcing and screening process needs to be rigid and solid. Each applicants will go through rigorous recruitment process. It can take weeks to months. If you are in need of staff stat, this might not be the way to go.


With temp staffing, you can cut and skip some of the recruitment process. There are staff replacement companies that can provide temp staffs which already went through a screening process. You can just contact your staffing agency and ask for recommendations.


  • Forego staff training


Another thing that takes time is the training. In the usual set up, a new employee would need to go for a 1-2 weeks training plus a 1-2 months learning curve. But there are instances that you need someone who can take the job and do it with less training.


Temp staffing agencies have a database of skilled individuals that they can recommend to employers and companies for immediate hiring. Since these staff already have the experience, there is no need for them to go on rigorous training compared to permanent hires.


  • Temporary solution for staffing


There are instances wherein an employee takes an indefinite leave, but he is still connected to the company. In his absence, you need someone to take over his job. Hiring another employee for his post might not be a good solution, as this employee in question is still connected to the company. Hiring a temp staff would be a good alternative as there is no pressure to hire for permanency.

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