Clueless Dad’s Guide on Taking Care of His Newborn Babies

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Having a baby can be overwhelming and terrifying, not only for new moms but to new fathers as well.  While they are still trying to wrap their heads around the fact that they have a new addition to their family, dads will need to be on their toes to assist their partner in tackling newborn baby care at home.


If you are a soon-to-be father awaiting the coming of your new kid, here are some prep tips that you can follow for taking care of your newborn child:


  1. Down with the baby gadgets


Some parents are too excited and overwhelmed with having a baby that they get too excited about shopping for the baby’s needs, especially new dads. They purchase every item and equipment that they think would help them in taking care of their newborn child. But the truth is, you won’t be needing a lot of equipment that will just cram the nursery. Make everything simple and buy the basic baby items and equipment. If you don’t have an idea what these basic items are, you can do some research over the net or ask other parents for a baby checklist.


  1. Be attentive


A new dad needs to remember that his wife just gave birth and is too tired to take care of their little one. With that, you need to be as attentive as possible to their needs. Do not wait for your partner to ask for assistance. If you see that they are struggling with something, offer help. Your partner would truly appreciate it if you are attending to their needs without being asked.


  1. Take care of other things

Since your partner will be pretty much occupied taking care of the baby, you need to step up and do some of the things that she will not be able to attend to. This can be anything – from doing chores to running the household. Do not expect your partner to be able to attend to your needs as well. With a baby in tow, she doesn’t have time for herself either. Be understanding and be patient with her.


  1. Take care of your baby

The common misconception of some people is, the mother alone is responsible of taking good care of a kid, especially a newborn child. But the father should share responsibility in taking care of their child. Be sure to allot some time to tend your little one. It will give your partner a little time to rest and it can serve as your bonding time with your newborn baby.

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