Examining Used Cars In Dubai

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Everything in Dubai is related to quality and it is the main attraction of this city. The moment you land in Dubai; you know that you will only be dealing with quality things. From buying to selling, eating to travelling, quality comes in chunks in this part of the world. In case you are planning to examine those used cars for sale in Dubai, know that this segment is one of the busiest in the car market. A lot of customers think negatively about used cars for some reason. The reason can be related to a general thought that Dubai is all about buying fresh and new which is a false notion anyway. On the contrary, people look to get their hands on things that are in reasonably good condition including cars. In fact, it is quite possible that the majority of used cars found in Dubai are in excellent shape and running condition. Truth to be told, the condition of the car you may be looking to buy matters a lot. You need to take several different aspects of the car and think about the overall condition. Here is more on what to do before thinking about buying a used car in Dubai:



Condition Of The Car

The moment you go to a used car shop in Dubai, you think about looking for a car that looks as good as new but comes at the price of a used one. Of course, that’s what every customer may have in mind but that’s not always the case. In fact, some cars may look in great shape as they went under a complete overhaul or even rebuilding process and you have little clue about it. When this is becoming the possibility, it is better to accompany car body expert and a mechanic. They’ll check the car for you and will tell you if the car’s condition is genuine or reconditioned.


Another important think to check in the car is to see how much mileage it has had. Having more mileage means the car has been rigorously used and may not be suitable for you. Of course, you will not be buying a 100,000 kms run car and would instead prefer the one that has only 10,000 kms on it.

Engine Sound

A very easy way to identify how badly the car has been used is by listening to the engine sound. It may sound a little suppressive after overhauls and oiling but still it will give away the current condition of the car. Do keep these things in mind even when you are looking to sell your car in Dubai.