4 Car Maintenance Hacks For First-time Car Owners

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A lot of car owners relish the first time they ever drove their own car. They considered it a milestone or achievement for a job well done. Some of these car owners try to preserve their first car and keep it as long as they can.


But preserving the integrity of your vehicle starts the moment you test drive it out of the dealership. If you are a first time car owner, these tips from experts in car care in Dubai might be able to help you extend the lifespan of your first vehicle:


  1. Be careful of breaking in


Taking your new car for a spin may sound a little exciting. But car manufacturers advise new owners to take it easy. Like any other machines, car engines need some time to break in. Most car engines are still getting used to new terrains and surfaces. It would be best to avoid excessive and aggressive acceleration and sudden braking. Break in the engine by driving it at a constant speed.


  1. Say no to idling


Idling is considered one of the worst practices in car maintenance. Experts in vehicle maintenance strongly advise car owners on doing this practice. For one, idling makes your car burns gas and creates emission exhaustion. It is also putting pressure in your engine. Vehicles who are idling should be subjected to frequent oil change since the engine is working overtime. If you don’t have the auto start or stop function, it would be best to turn off your vehicle during idle times.


  1. Clean your car


Yes, you read it right. As simple as cleaning your car can definitely prolong its lifespan. But don’t just do a superficial cleaning. Be sure to get the best car detailing in Dubai to ensure that your vehicle will be cleaned from inside and out. Also, make it a habit to clean and check your car’s engine. A good-looking car is useless if its performance on the road is subpar and dismal.


  1. Be mindful of your driving habits


The way you drive your car will be a determining factor in its longevity. Vehicles that are subjected to abuse like sudden breaking and aggressive acceleration are prone to breakdowns and early deterioration. If you want to extend your car’s life, take note of your driving habits and change the ones that can cause potential damage and harm to your car.