This has been in the pipeline for a longtime and that time is finally here. All the domain giants on the internet enjoyed their extremely long stint at the pedestal but now, Google has entered the domain industry and this is easily one of the most exciting things that have happened to this industry in a long time. In 2005, Google became a registrar accredited by ICANN but the discussions became public in June 2014. Currently, GoDaddy is the giant when it cRB-ICANN-Missionomes to domains. It is the one stop shop for everything related to domains and hosting but now, its future is not so certain.

It has long been a maxim of the internet that when Google does something, it usually ends in tears for its competitors. Whether it is Chrome or anything else, Google works in a careful and organized way, planning its steps before it strikes the final death blow and this time is no different. GoDaddy was supposed to launch its IPO last year but because of the news of Google entering the industry, GoDaddy delayed its plans. GoDaddys evaluation is currently at 4.5 billion and experts suggest that Google entering the foray might hit this evaluation pretty hard.

What sets Google apart from others is its sheer access to resources. Google comes with a host of free services that excite its users. Not to mention the capital flow, bandwidth and storage capabilities that Google has the luxury of distributing at its own volition. However, having spent so many years in the domain industry, GoDaddy is no rookie that Google can edge out easily. GoDaddys customer service is exemplary. The response time to queries is almost instant and this is the reason why it has been successful for so long. But Google has an unaccountable pull on market share that could come in handy in the registry arena. With Companies such as Dynadot coming out with a Free website builder for there clients has stepped up the game in a different way. By becoming a one in all Hosting Company so clients Can host and build all in one with this revolutionary product for your website.

Googles market route would finally decide the future of the domain industry. In the last 6 months itself, more than 450 top level domains have been launched and the next 5 months would see 500 more in that area. So far, GoDaddy has almost enjoyed something of a monopoly status in the registry arena. It holds about 40 odomain-namesf the market share and all the domains sold by GoDaddy have been on the terms of the domain giant. Customers are charged a fee if they want to appear on one of GoDaddys pages.

Experts believe that the next obvious move of Google would be to try and steal as much market share as it can. This would be done with the help of power politics and the remaining market, which is desperately trying to recoup its investment, would be in jeopardy with this move. At the Las Vegas NamesCon, it was agreed by all the experts that 2015 would be a year that makes or breaks the domain and registry industry. Will that be because of Google Mostly, yes.

The biggest motivation for people to buy the new gTLDs is for higher page ranks. Of course, since Google is behind them, the logical assumption would be that people investing in gTLDs might get to enjoy top place in the search results. However, Google has blasted claims like this and reiterated that no such privilege would be awarded to new TLDs simply because they are using Googles domain service. This was already mentioned by Matt Cutts a couple of years ago and recently, John Mueller restated the fact for the benefit of public clarity.

So, the big question is will you be switching to Google from GoDaddy or would you rather play the waiting game